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Working together to change the world.

Join our team and lend your unique perspective and experience to a mission that’s critical for our collective future.

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Work with Purpose

We are a group of authentic individuals. Our commitment to have a positive social and environmental impact is core to our culture.

We wouldn’t be where we are today without the diversity of ideas across our organization. Together, we are driving change where others are just getting started.

Our Values


Our shared passion for solving the wasted food problem unites us as a team and guides our work.


With our customers, in our communities, and through our data, we believe transparency can unlock positive change.


We foster new thinking and flexible approaches, because we know they are the true drivers of innovation.


Curiosity, iteration and continuous improvement are in our DNA and enable us to bring breakthrough solutions to light.

Win as a Team

We are a group of authentic individuals. Our diverse perspectives and experiences are paramount to our collective impact.

It feels really good to be part of the team tackling the food waste problem. There’s a lot of opportunity here to have a huge impact. I think that makes for a really exciting and dynamic place to work.

Jess Parker
Program Manager, Food Recovery

The holistic approach taken to reduce food waste is what initially pulled me into Divert. The culture and drive that I’ve seen here since, is not only what has kept me, but I believe is the driving force behind Divert’s success.

Kenny Kiriga
Senior Mobile Engineer

I like working at Divert because it provides me the opportunity to collaborate with incredibly passionate and smart people who are dedicated to leaving the world in a better place than they found it. Each day I go to work I am met with new challenges and new chances to meet with local communities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions related to food waste and improve access to food for families. The work that I do with Divert is worthwhile, and it is nice to work with a team who understands the importance of it.

Holly Yanai
Public Policy Manager

I love that we have BIG ambitious goals like impacting food insecurity, helping the environment, and creating renewable energy. It’s special to be a part of creating this and seeing it work. And the energy, culture, and people are just icing on the cake.

Randy Arizmendiz
Industrial Product Manager

Our Culture

Belonging & Community

Our facilities and our entire workforce are unique and we honor this by providing a benefits program that encourages health and wellness across our organization. We also have cultural themes and values – like safety, and win as a team – that encourage community. Our mission fosters a sense of belonging and community that is critical to our success individually and as a company.

Building Inclusive Teams

Our leaders are hired for ethics, integrity, their ability to coach and productively resolve conflict on their teams. These are the building blocks of inclusive leadership. We train our recruiters on bias mitigation to ensure candidates are hired for their skills, knowledge and alignment with our values. Additionally, our talent analytics allow us to track progression and representation at all levels, as well as engagement and other cultural indicators.

Focusing on Equity Outcomes

While we are focused on eliminating wasted food, when we’re doing our job right, equity outcomes are an equally important output. Food insecurity rates for families of color are double the rates for white families. We know climate change will disproportionately affect people of color. Divert is delivering solutions to solve this.

Our Benefits

Competitive Pay

We know that life is expensive. 
Divert offers competitive pay to match market value.

Equity Incentives

We believe that competitive pay should include upside potential

Learning & Development

We believe in your growth, and can provide unique learning and development experiences.


We offer comprehensive medical, dental and vision benefits. Additionally, we provide paid short and long term disability & life insurance.


We understand that work is not everything. Find the right schedule to support your best self.

Retirement Plans

We believe in your future. Our 401k programs help you plan for life after work with up to a 6% match.

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