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Innovation for a zero waste future.

Creating advanced technology and sustainable infrastructure to prevent wasted food.

Our end-to-end process

Divert’s data-enabled waste diversion platform not only keeps valuable food out of the landfill, it creates insights that Protect the Value of Food™ upstream.

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Our Approach


We invent transformative technologies and create fresh data to maximize the freshness of food and prevent waste.


We take a people-first approach by recovering edible food and donating it to communities in need.


Our proprietary process removes carbon from the food value chain by converting wasted food into renewable energy.

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Our Solutions

Our solutions-mindset drives continual innovation, helping us solve complex problems and drive meaningful change.

Data & Technology

We pioneer advanced technology to reinvent the food value chain. Our fresh insights replace outdated enterprise data, enabling clearer visibility and better decision making to keep food fresh and saleable.

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We build and scale responsible infrastructure to streamline wasted food diversion. Leveraging our patented reverse logistics process, automated donation sorting, and proprietary de-packaging, liquefaction and anaerobic digestion processes, we’re delivering food to its highest and best use and minimizing what gets sent to landfills.

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Applied Expertise

Our field teams are applying insights to reduce waste and increase donations at the local level. They deliver pinpointed store outreach to support in-store personnel and track positive outcomes over time. Field teams provide training and increase accountability for our customers.

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