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Harrison, OH Announced as Future Integrated Diversion & Energy Facility Site

With support from key local corporate, economic and political stakeholders, the facility is expected to prevent and process wasted food and create new jobs in the community

Divert, Inc., an impact technology company on a mission to Protect the Value of Food™, today announced Harrison, Ohio as the location of a future Integrated Diversion & Energy Facility. The facility is expected to prevent and process wasted food and spark local economic development through bringing new jobs to Hamilton County.

“For nearly 17 years, Divert has pioneered advanced technologies and sustainable infrastructure that prevent wasted food,” said Ryan Begin, CEO and co-founder of Divert. “Hamilton County is an important hub for agriculture and food manufacturing, and we are eager to introduce our mission and solutions to benefit this area. Divert is grateful to have significant local support, and we are ready to get to work to make a positive environmental, economic, and social impact on this community.”

The U.S. produces more than 63 million tons of wasted food annually. At the same time, wasted food accounts for up to 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions. In Hamilton County, Ohio alone, 60 million pounds of food is wasted a year, equivalent to approximately 74 pounds per person. With the food insecurity rate in the county at 12.5%, nearly 1% higher than the national average, there is a clear opportunity to address this crisis.

Divert is tackling this problem across the U.S. and soon in Ohio, leveraging technology enabled infrastructure to prevent food from going to waste by converting inedible wasted food into renewable energy. The facility will also provide companies with actionable data to take preventative steps to waste less food and donate more to feed people, addressing food insecurity.

“Cincinnati takes great pride in welcoming Divert’s first processing plant in Ohio and further contributing to a region which Site Selection named as the No. 3 U.S. metro for sustainability,” said Kimm Lauterbach, REDI Cincinnati president and CEO. “Transforming wasted food material into renewable natural gas energy underscores our region’s dynamic, advanced manufacturing sector and unwavering dedication to innovation. Additionally, Divert’s commitment to rescuing and redirecting edible food to our community aligns with the collective effort to foster prosperity and well-being for all across the region.”

“We welcome Divert’s first investment in Ohio, which attracts a company to Hamilton County that will bring its cutting-edge, sustainable technology while creating 50 new jobs,” said JobsOhio President and CEO J.P. Nauseef. “Divert’s advanced system of creating energy while reducing food waste will move forward with the ingenuity and hard work of Ohioans as the company leverages the customers, partnership and talent it needs to thrive.”

“We are thrilled to welcome Divert to the community,” said Harrison Mayor Ryan Grubbs. “And we celebrate the successful collaboration between our regional and state partners that has brought this esteemed company to our area. Divert’s presence not only fills a critical need for our community, region and the State of Ohio, but also strengthens our local economy and workforce. We look forward to supporting Divert’s growth and shared success in the years to come.”

“The Harrison Township Board of Directors, Hamilton County, welcomes Divert, Inc. to the Harrison Township/City of Harrison Joint Economic Development District,” said Tom Losekamp, president of the Harrison Township Board. “Divert is a company using technology to focus on recycling food waste in our society into a usable, clean energy resource. We look forward to partnering with Divert for the benefit of the surrounding community and state. By locating near a farming area, any food produced by these farms may come back as food waste, turned into gas, and sold to the residents to help improve their lives.”

“As the Chair of the Hamilton County Solid Waste Policy Committee, waste diversion is a top priority,” said Hamilton County Commissioner Denise Driehaus. “Only by collaborating in taking bold steps will we be able to make a difference together. I am excited to welcome this facility to Hamilton County and grateful to add Divert to our list of valuable partners in this effort.”

“Not only will this project uplift our economy through job creation and technology advancement, but it will also protect our environment by reducing food waste,” said Ohio State Representative Cindy Abrams. “There is no doubt this facility will continue to make Harrison a great place to live, work, and raise a family.”

“Kroger is proud to collaborate with Divert to further our Zero Hunger | Zero Waste plan, which aims to end hunger in our communities and eliminate waste across our business,” said Keith Dailey, Kroger’s group vice president of corporate affairs and chief sustainability officer. “Divert’s facilities are instrumental in supporting our operational efforts and Divert’s new facility in Ohio will greatly benefit our local communities by providing the necessary infrastructure to efficiently manage and recycle unsold organic products.”

Divert operates 13 facilities across the U.S., capturing wasted food from retailers, food manufacturers, and other companies, transforming it into carbon-negative renewable energy, thereby preventing it from emitting harmful methane in landfills and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. To date, the company has processed 2.6 billion pounds of wasted food and helped to facilitate the donation of over 14 million pounds of food to feed communities in need.

About Divert, Inc.

Divert, Inc. is an impact technology company on a mission to Protect the Value of Food™. Founded in 2007, the company creates advanced technologies and sustainable infrastructure to eliminate wasted food, driving social and environmental impact. Divert provides an end-to-end solution that prevents waste by maximizing the freshness of food, recovers edible food to serve communities in need, and converts wasted food into renewable energy. The company works with over 6,600 customer locations across the U.S. to reduce wasted food and positively impact people and the environment. Its customer base spans across industries and includes five Fortune 100 companies.

About REDI Cincinnati

The Regional Economic Development Initiative (REDI) Cincinnati is the first point of contact for companies locating or growing in the 16-county region at the heart of southwest Ohio, northern Kentucky, and southeast Indiana. REDI Cincinnati is supported by top business leaders and community partners and staffed by a team of economic development experts who are uniting the Cincinnati region to compete globally. The future is bright, and we’re building it right now. Join us at

About JobsOhio

JobsOhio, Ohio’s private nonprofit economic development corporation, enhances company growth and personnel development through business attraction, retention, and expansion across ten competitive industry sectors. With a team of seasoned professionals, JobsOhio utilizes a comprehensive network to foster talent production in targeted industries and attract talent through Find Your Ohio. Collaborating with seven regional partners, including Dayton Development Coalition, Lake to River Economic Development, Ohio Southeast Economic Development, One Columbus, REDI Cincinnati, Regional Growth Partnership, and Team NEO, JobsOhio delivers world-class customer service to provide companies with a competitive advantage. Learn more at Follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

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